one more time

One More Time by Oldepunk at ramjetpoetry. After reading this…I am not who I used to be. The. Real. Deal.

RamJet Poetry

one more time

i am corrosive fabulous

Satirically rich

endemic of impudence

praying in the ditch

to she who found the outbound

signal forward fallen back

into the times when we were alive

and fostered by the notions of the young

i miss that look in your eye

i know it will not spark anew

pontificate but do not preach

we’ve all driven down this road

indigo sky bursting open in the palm

of my hand as i face the same as ever was

but i am not who i used to be and so

everything has dimmed a little

i can see the rust and the dust

the wear and the tear

dents and bents and scratches

you could do with a new paint job

no longer enchanted by the luster

of soft manufactured values

muddled, befuddled, and caught in the last light

i didn’t remember your name

until the other night

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