Insights and Idiosyncrasies

Walking into a building I noticed that I avoided walking inside the painted crosswalk. I simply sidestepped it and sauntered along the outside edge of it…for whatever subconscious reason.

I’ve also noticed that whenever I’m pouring something (coffee, cereal, etc.) I almost always add just a little bit more.

Now I could certainly speculate that these things say something about me being rebellious/antiestablishment and that I’m never satisfied, but I’m curious if anyone else has these type of telling insights/idiosyncrasies. What quirks do you have and what do you think they mean?  Do you think there is more meaning to mine or am I making much ado about nothing?

43 thoughts on “Insights and Idiosyncrasies

  1. What comes to mind for me first (probably too many things in my case) is that when I stand up from the table to leave a restaurant, I take alast drink of water. It drives my husband crazy! Am I just thirsty? Are we rebels? Are these things indicative of something? Who knows? I will look for other comments. Oh, I also count my steps, which I think is weird!

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    • That’s awesome! One last drink before hitting the road…proactively keeping dehydration at bay.
      Counting steps is interesting, maybe a little OCD, which is what I thought my need to pour just a little more felt like, though if I catch myself I can abstain. Good stuff! 🙂

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  2. I still won’t step on a crack in the sidewalk. How childish is that? lol I don’t know why, I just can’t do it!! The little poem goes through my head every. single. time.

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  3. I rub my eyes when I am tired, like a toddler. At least once a week someone walks behind me at 0300 and whispers ‘na na na na na BatTrish!’ Because I have a mascara mask. I keep special cloths in my purse just for taking it off. Why do I still wear makeup to work, you ask? I mean it’s a night shift…I’m vain. That is all. Telling? Very much so. lol.

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  4. If I’m walking and listening to music, I MUST walk to the beat of the song playing. Its not an option- its a necessity. Lol. I don’t think it stands for anything significant, just establishes a need for control and/or power of the inanimate world! 🙂

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  5. This is, in my humble opinion, is what a bored mind does. It creates a little idiosyncrasy to force itself to expand it’s area of influence. This, in turn, is a subtle attempt to control your mental actions.     “It is never too late to be what you might have been.” George EliotThe secret to joy in work is contained in one word….abstinence.Jim

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    • That’s a great hypothesis! In abnormal psychology it was said that those with OCD were basically keeping their minds busy by washing hands, locking/unlocking the door a set number of times, etc. to keep from thinking about whatever it is that’s really bothering them. Interesting stuff!


  6. It’s our details that make us interesting. 😉 I can not share drinks no matter how much I love someone, and if I see something thrown on the ground I have to pick it up and throw it away lol. I wonder what that says about me. G-uno

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  7. I am so OCD that I couldn’t begin to tell you all the seemingly weird things I do that are almost ritualistic. 🙂 I agree with the person who said the crosswalk looks like a ladder. It’s almost like that old superstition about bad luck walking under a ladder (nothing about walking on it, though). I tend to count everything: steps, sips, syllables (very helpful when I’m writing sonnets and need to count the meter for iambic pentameter). Rebellion is good, though, and I encourage you to rebel a bit every day. It’s a bit of sanity for us creatives 🙂

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    • That’s cool how your counting ended up being helpful when constructing your poetry. I used to find myself writing the words I was thinking/speaking in the air with my index finger, but I haven’t done that in a while. I don’t think I could quit rebelling if I wanted too 😀
      Life teaches us to look straight ahead but being creative means tilting our perspective just a little to see things in a new way. 🙂

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  8. My wife tells me that I have a tendency to stack delicate, breakable things near the edge of counters and tables while a I work nearby. She believes that I like to dare disaster in this small way. I’m fairly cautious most other matters. Perhaps I secretly long to live a little more dangerously.

    Perhaps we all need a little something that runs counter to our general course. The thrill of an alternative life waits behind every small act of rebellion.

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  9. I never leave the house without taking one last “tinkle” as I’m convinced that the day I don’t I’ll get stuck on a train for hours in need of using the bathroom lol.

    I hate public bathrooms and I’m now convincing my kids to do the same thing because as soon as we leave the house at least one of them needs to go pee. I get so annoyed!

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