I am just trying to share the human experience.  I have a bachelor’s degree in creative writing, but find myself writing SOPs (lather, rinse, repeat) in order to make a living, which can be detrimental to the creative process.  So, this blog will serve as my road to recovery.  Every journey begins with a single step, right?

Constructive criticism always welcome!

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  1. Really enjoyed the two posts I read Erich! The one about the microwave radiation measuring device made me chuckle out loud. That could’ve been me. ;-D And the piece about your son’s first hug… concise and precious. Thanks for following me as well and I look forward to exploring your site/inner mind’s workings in future.

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    • On nice…I’m glad you liked Radioactive, it was fun to write and laugh at myself for it and it’s one of my overlooked posts 🙂
      It was my pleasure following you and I’ll be exploring as well. 😀
      Thanks again 🙂

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    • You’re quite welcome! I see you’re a playwright, which is fascinating. I took playwriting in college and loved the form. For some odd reason I never gravitate towards it when I sit down to write though. I loved that you keep control of a play, unlike a script. Thanks for stopping in! 🙂

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  2. “Road to recovery” or is it more likely getting a fix? The first step is acknowledging that you need your creative writing because you are ‘jonesing’ real bad by the time you get off work.

    Thanks for stopping by and liking the post on the ego, id and super ego.

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  3. Hi Erich – I’ve nominated you for the creative blogger award. I hope you like it. I think your blog deserves recognition for the great things you are doing.
    All the best

    The rules for this award are:
    ° Nominate 15-20 blogs and notify all nominees
    ° Thank and post the link of the blog that nominated you
    ° Share 5 facts about yourself to your readers
    ° Pass these rules on to them

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  4. Thirty yeas in Technical Publications, writing SOP’s, SP’s, DI’s, OR’s, Org Charts and a staggering array of whatever horse hockey the “Man” felt like dumping on us. Yeah, it paid the bills. Sort of!

    Love your blog. Am now a follower.

    Ron — HaikuOdyssey

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    • The stone is set has a really cool mood/tone that I like. Don’t put yourself down, though. We are all on a path and are working towards becoming better writers. As long as we all keep trying, then we’re all equals. I still consider myself very green at poetry. I’m glad you like my site 🙂

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  7. Hey, right there with you!
    Degree in journalism, minor in creative writing, find myself writing org emails, intranet blather and SOPs for folks who can’t work CMS. Acronyms might be a guilty pleasure. They disgust me.
    Plunging into freelancing, hopefully away from emails and how-tos.
    See ya around!

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