Stargiver – Iulia Halatz

Stargiver by Iulia Halatz at Sudden Denouement. “I am a crumpled picture in a secret drawer…” Beautiful imagery and a lovely, haunting sentiment.

Sudden Denouement Collective

The stars that glisten

on October skies

are green

like water lamps.


I am plotting

a story for you…

Letters are meant

to be sent swirling

my brokenness cripples

my words.

I am silhouetted

letters can’t mix

I need another alphabet.

My alphabet of you

is made of syllables:





Do not despise

my syllabary

You have a tale

boiling in my chest…..

Once there was an olden boy

His heart grew on thistles

and faint grass

He followed the North Star

like moss

in the duplicated garden.

He told of journeys

in the heart of wind

and memorabilia

of small disasters…

Sparks of thysen

light my waterways

like glowworms

paths of fairies.

In dreams your glint

is stumped


by pink trees and cardboard flowers.

This is not your duplicated garden

it is my cardboard dominion.

There are rooms

For every room there is a wish


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Show me


Make me forget

For even just a second

That I’m going to die alone

Make me want nothing more

Than to wipe away your tears

Forgetting my own

Knowing our sorrow’s tributaries 

Share the same source

Jagged disappointments smoothed

By years of melancholy currents

Our very roots penetrating 

Dense, ancestral, red clay 

Laden with heart’s blood

Distract me

From the need to crawl 

Into some dark, unknown corner

Surrendering myself to the stillness 

Show me that our words

Even the desiccated ones

Are tumbleweeds

Rolling across lost landscapes

Leaving seeds of inspiration 

Show me that today’s atrophy

Is overridden by tomorrow’s triumphs 

That your faith in me

Was warranted

That love

Was not wasted

That stillness

Is irrevocable 

That light can penetrate

The deepest of darknesses

Show me…

Requiem in Red- Aurora Phoenix

Requiem in Red by Aurora Phoenix at Sudden Denouement. The imagery and raw emotion of this piece stays with you. There’s no walking away once you’re haunted.

Sudden Denouement Collective

she etched an elegy

for herself

in her arm.

it was not that she wished she were dead,

it was that in her heart, she already was

with each draw of the blade

she eased mournful notes

skillful as a virtuoso violinist

from her love-starved skin.

this one, scratched doleful in minor D

laments a childhood forlorn

lost in the tumbleweeds

of mother’s hypodermic windstorm.

tentative lacerations mimic

the rent fabric of comfort

in which she was never swaddled.

that one, carved in hesitant desperation

released a cacophony of hushed howls

an orchestra of screeching duduks

protesting the predators’ parade

that prowled unguarded through her dreams

         day and night. –

cuts, breaking your heart if not

her parched and thirsting skin

berate the moon and sun

who sheltered her not, while each

beseeches the silent heavens

“was I not worthy of protection?”


she proffers her arm, bared

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Faucets To West – Nicole Lyons

Faucets to West by Nicole Lyons at Sudden Denouement. This knocked the wind out of me and left me gasping for air! A beautiful desolation.

Sudden Denouement Collective

I am not a good woman.
I am sons upon light years,
daughters making hard love
with blue moons and every
wish on every fallen star
cast forth through double-panes
on lonely Friday nights
like the ones you swore you would
never relive again.
I am not a good woman.
I tuck my dreams in at night now,
behind balconies not yet barred
until our youngest heart decides
she is not yet a good woman
and scales the walls we have built
to keep her in and safe, and completely
ignorant and pure.
I am not a good woman.
But I am here still, hiding
in the bushes on the corner of our
1/4 acre dream lot,
the dream yard
of the dream home
we have signed our souls away for.
I am not a good woman.
And every time I turn faucets west
and soak the morning in glory

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Open invitation


This one is simple. I’m going to list the artists, almbums or songs that I find myself listening to most, as of late. I think it should provide some insight into me. Then, if you’d like, you can share your current music interests in the comments.

Adele 21, Alanis Jagged Little Pill, Audioslave Audioslave, Bush Razorblade Suitcase, Coldplay Parachutes, Counting Crows August and Everything After, The Fray How to Save a Life, James Blunt Back to Bedlam, Live Awake: the Best of Live, Nirvana Nirvana, Pearl Jam Rearview Mirror, Pink Floyd The Wall, Radiohead The Best of, Sonny Boy Williamson The Real Folk Blues, Hozier Take Me to Church, Imagine Dragons Whatever it Takes and Believer, Gary Jules Mad World, Queens of the Stoneage No One Knows, Rag n’ Bone Man Human, Sam Smith Lay Me Down w/John Legend, and Bastille World Gone Mad.

Your turn! 🙂

Ain’t No Prodigal Son- Nathan McCool

Ain’t No Prodigal Son by Nathan McCool at Sudden Denouement. You ever read something that just resonates and you’d wish to hell you actually wrote it, instead of the real genius that did? This is that piece and it’s that damn good!

Sudden Denouement Collective

The star quarterback is now selling
shitty insurance to his loyal subjects.
He’ll tell you, “You can lose anything in the
world and we’ll give you something we
think is equal in worth. If you’re a good person
you’ll lose everything really quickly. Then you’ll
really rack up the money.”

The sweetest and prettiest girl of my class
is now married to the insurance selling jock.
She’ll tell you, “Yes. Everything turns out
as cliché and expected and boring as you
ever thought it would.”
They recently rode off from the nice wedding,
to a romantic honeymoon, in a new car that
the people of this town clamor to so they
can put their lips against the wheels…
And it was all payed for by privilege.

And me…. I’m at a piano, buried under a
shivering mountain of books. Tom Waits in my
left hand, Nick Cave in my right…

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I am a forest

I am a forest by lulia Halatz at blogdecompanie. Fortune is on the other side of fear. This poem is a treasure!

Blog de companie

I am a forest, and a night of dark trees: but he who is not afraid of my darkness, will find banks full of roses under my cypresses.
Friederich Nietzsche

I am a cloud, and a siege of tornadoes: but he who is not afraid of my swirl, will find banks of rainbows beneath my grey.
I am a gale, and the yearn to push boats ahaven: but he who is not afraid of my blow, will fly with the skylarks.
I am a sea, and a green of waves: but he who is not afraid of my abyss, will swim away with the mermaids.
I am the night, and the thrill of dark dreams: but he who is not afraid of my nightmares, will fall asleep with the daffodils.

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Undone by Christine Elizabeth Ray at braveandrecklessblog. This is vulnerability stripped down to its very DNA. Beautiful!

Brave & Reckless

My quiet stretches out

like a web of shadow

words unsaid

black diamonds

that glitter on delicate strands of moonlight

that shine through frosted windows

I kneel



in the shade cast by candle flame

I am undone

brought low

I have no language

to express need

no words

to beg for comfort

only silent tears

averted eyes

aching heart

weary head

clenched fists

to hide the shaking

Have you learned me


to understand

that tonight

the first move is yours to make

that you must be the strong one?

© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All Rights Reserved

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For Only Me

For Only Me by Kindra M. Austin. I’ve been gloriously swept up in a “deluge of disquiet”


Every day it does reign, a

perpetual decrescendo—

melancholic melody made for only


Deluge of disquiet

comprises choral pessimists

repeating in my head.



beats heart that’s damn near dead.

Dirges designed for only



Though it does reign—my

melancholic melody—I

seek the one to share

an umbrella.

© Kindra M. Austin

(image: Pinterest)

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Scrimshaw your pedantic lessons

On my bones

Repeat yourself until the cilia 

Of my inner ear

Lay flattened like clear cut forests

And I lose the frequency of you

Then teach me how to read lips

Use white chalk to outline

Those of use who question you

These cookie cutter outlines

That cleave away the useless bits

Leaving a homogenized army

Of trained test takers

Who have forgotten to ask why

Who believe our only choice

Is blue versus red and left versus right

But it’s really you versus us

Keep haves having and the nots nodding

I’ll admit I’m a square peg

My corners rounded off over the years

But know that the bits of my soul

I sold at the company store

Were just to fulfill Maslow

So my mind could break through

Your prime time television programming 

Your Monday night football frenzy 

Your rally to condemn the kneelers 

Your lack of televised coverage

Of Dakota Access pipeline 

Of #NeverAgain marches

Of the tear stained faces being deported

My rounded corners belying 

A sharp mind that looks

For shadow-dealers

Behind every choice I’m spoon-fed

That’s covered in KFC breading 

A mind that looks for subtext 

That questions everything

The mind…of a poet