Waterboard of Directors

water can

They place the cot in my office

It is so comfortable, here try it out

I’m lowered into place

The blanket is heavy and made of unobtainable goals

I’m tucked in and told to feel the security of it

I’m bound by expectations

Standing squarely in the middle of my sandbox

They hold meetings I’m not invited to

They place the cloth over my face

They talk of personal development plans

We’ll water your face value so it grows long

The water erodes my approbations

I must walk the gauntlet, formed by the waterboard of directors

Chivalry is not dead, as they hold the door open for me

I walk out on my own accord, not…one…shove.

49 thoughts on “Waterboard of Directors

      • I sojourned for a time in corporate America. I had previously spent 20 years in a church which turned out to be a cult. So many parallels it was creepy. All I could see around me in the office were Kool-Aid dispensers, and people selling their souls for a paper cupful.

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      • Wow…I’m at a loss for words. I’m sorry you or anyone else for that matter has/had experienced something like that. I hope all things are much better for you now.
        I feel like I/we build our own cages sometimes and often the bars are made of money.

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  1. Wow! The minute I read this I remembered when I used to work for others. So glad I’m my own boss now (well, I stay home and home school my children). You see it exactly as I saw it way back when. You truly captured it well in words.

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