House on the corner

The house on the corner

An empty shell

Devoid of family warmth

No tv glow

No snuggling on the couch

No home-cooked meal aromas carried on the breeze

You haven’t had family in you for years

A for sale sign, a cry of loneliness

Uncut grass, like an unkempt beard

I feel your depression like a burlap cloak

Where are the little children’s feet, padding across your hardwood floors?

The peals of laughter, do they still echo in your empty rooms?

You still feel the vibrations, the resonance, don’t you?

Oh, I see…life breathes in you still…

Groundhogs have made your front porch their home

Pigeons roost in your attic, cooing out their greetings to you

Is this consolation?

Are you happy?

When we grow old, solitary, with wild hair and wilder ideas, mumbling to ourselves…

with only our thoughts, our pigeons in the attic, to keep us company…are we you?

Are you labeled crazy by the other houses for not wanting to be inhabited?

Are we, humans, crazy for the same reasons?

Or…are we both just waiting for someone to turn the key?


Glass clackers and lawn darts

I made it…I’m still here. I grew up before and during the advent of getting plugged into a zombifying home game console. Don’t get me wrong, I used to love playing video games…many hours invested in burning every bush in Zelda, but I also knew what playing outside meant.

I used, at one point or other, toys that have been banned, like glass clackers that could shatter into a million razor sharp pieces (all destined for my eyeballs), and lawn darts that had metal tips. I even remember that one friend, like out of a scene in Grownups, who thought it was funny to throw it straight up into the air and watch everyone scatter, but luckily no one got hurt.

I’m sure some of you have played with these notoriously banned toys…what were they and do you have any stories to go along with them?

Insights and Idiosyncrasies

Walking into a building I noticed that I avoided walking inside the painted crosswalk. I simply sidestepped it and sauntered along the outside edge of it…for whatever subconscious reason.

I’ve also noticed that whenever I’m pouring something (coffee, cereal, etc.) I almost always add just a little bit more.

Now I could certainly speculate that these things say something about me being rebellious/antiestablishment and that I’m never satisfied, but I’m curious if anyone else has these type of telling insights/idiosyncrasies. What quirks do you have and what do you think they mean?  Do you think there is more meaning to mine or am I making much ado about nothing?

Waterboard of Directors

water can

They place the cot in my office

It is so comfortable, here try it out

I’m lowered into place

The blanket is heavy and made of unobtainable goals

I’m tucked in and told to feel the security of it

I’m bound by expectations

Standing squarely in the middle of my sandbox

They hold meetings I’m not invited to

They place the cloth over my face

They talk of personal development plans

We’ll water your face value so it grows long

The water erodes my approbations

I must walk the gauntlet, formed by the waterboard of directors

Chivalry is not dead, as they hold the door open for me

I walk out on my own accord, not…one…shove.