2 hours a night; 14 a week; 60 hours a month

That’s 30 days a year we spend dreaming

I balanced stones in haphazard towers

On shores I knew I’d never see again

Over the average lifetime we’ve lived two lives

68 years bound by physics and 6 years a god

I’ve shown acts of kindness to strangers

Never knowing how deep into well the light digs

I’ve grown old and cast aside wonderment

Thinking a 401K is the single answer to all

I cast poems out into a world built of 1s and 0s

These mirrors in pitch black rooms reflect me

I’ve passed a baton to the next sorry soul

Pleading go farther and straighter than me

I’ve manned a lighthouse at the edge of reason

Guiding myself away from the siren’s call

Is lunacy the legacy?

We are all artists painting windows on cell walls

I’ve been a stone hoping for flat smoothness

That someone might skip me across dark lakes

I walk faster on this hamster wheel for a raise

So I can afford grease for ancient gears

I’ve danced to long forgotten songs

Wailing melodies buried marrow deep

Logos are your house’s sigil

A circle of protection made of blood-swishes

I dreamt of a family who welcomed me as kin

I understood home in the shine of their eyes

My brain is a blending stump

Softening the edge of mindless conscription

I think I need redemption

For some forgotten grievance

I think I need an apology

For a grievance I wish I could forget

I think that I think too much

And for that I owe myself an apology

The sun has set…a faint glow is what remains

I stand at a crossroads not knowing

Am I subject to physics, or am I a god…?


11 thoughts on “Crossroads

  1. Bravo, Erich! This one’s made the move to #1 favorite for me. It’s AWEsome! The imagery, the questioning of our existence…is this the dream? Are our dreams the reality? One favorite line, of many, “We are all artists painting windows on cell walls.” I could read this one every day for a month, heck, it’s taken me 2 weeks to comment…and even this doesn’t do it justice. Keep it up Erich! Your insightful poetry rocks ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Donna! How have you been? I hope all is well! I’m very glad you like this poem 🙂
      It was one of those that had been flittering about at the periphery and was initially just a feeling but felt good when I fleshed it out. I really never know how my mad scribblings will be thought of, but if you like it then I know I’m on the right track 😀


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