House on the corner

The house on the corner

An empty shell

Devoid of family warmth

No tv glow

No snuggling on the couch

No home-cooked meal aromas carried on the breeze

You haven’t had family in you for years

A for sale sign, a cry of loneliness

Uncut grass, like an unkempt beard

I feel your depression like a burlap cloak

Where are the little children’s feet, padding across your hardwood floors?

The peals of laughter, do they still echo in your empty rooms?

You still feel the vibrations, the resonance, don’t you?

Oh, I see…life breathes in you still…

Groundhogs have made your front porch their home

Pigeons roostΒ in your attic, cooing out their greetings to you

Is this consolation?

Are you happy?

WhenΒ we grow old, solitary, with wild hair and wilder ideas, mumbling to ourselves…

with only our thoughts, our pigeons in the attic, to keep us company…are we you?

Are you labeled crazy by the other houses for not wanting to be inhabited?

Are we, humans, crazy for the same reasons?

Or…are weΒ both just waiting for someone to turn the key?

65 thoughts on “House on the corner

  1. A lovely piece. The parallels between the old house and old humans is clever and I would echo some of the other comments that the last line is spot on. I’m far from a poetry expert but it read beautifully to this layman! Cheers, Nik

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  2. Never be afraid or sorry for old age , its a process until we throw our old clothes we don’t buy new ,so body is clothes and soul is resident ,so we need to leave this body ,in between we are old

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    • I had meant it more as a metaphor for loneliness and depression but I can see how it could be interpreted as growing old, but I really like the message you bring and am glad you brought it. Thank you for the kind words πŸ™‚


  3. Well I appreciate the visit by you to my blog! I haven’t happy since we like many went through job loss, financial crisis, lost the house, one of our cars, health ins. blah, blah, blah. I feel so disconnected without our home since 2009. Things are better today, but for my husbands job, we are living in Arizona right now, not in So. Oregon. And I don’t have to like it! LOL. Enjoying your blog and posts! πŸ™‚


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    • They closed the plant that I was was working at. I was lucky enough to get another job before they locked the doors…my wife wasn’t so lucky. We ended up losing one of our vehicles and going bankrupt, so I feel your pain. We’re getting by alright but definitely not living the dream. I’m glad you enjoyed my blog. πŸ™‚

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