Inside Looking Out

windowEvery job I have ever had

Left me longing

Every dock door or window

A porthole on a sinking ship

The horizon, passing cars

Going places better than here

Biting my lip, stifling my tears

I assemble one more widget

I want to cut the cord

Instead, with clenched jaw,

I denounce my visions





25 thoughts on “Inside Looking Out

  1. The story of my life as seen through my Son.   “It is never too late to be what you might have been.” George EliotThe secret to joy in work is contained in one word….abstinence.Jim

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  2. I like the positivity in the responses, but i can’t get away from the sadness of the piece. Like a dying fish on the shore, letting the dreams evaporate. Great piece, nicely worked….even if it did depress me slightly. hehe.

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    • It had to reread the responses and you’re right, they are rather positive for a piece I wrote on the suffering of wage earning off anything other than your hearts-work.
      Oh man…if you keep digging you’ll find most of my poems are depressing. :/


      • Good you have a support hammock to relax in with the comments and free spirits. Don’t let the depression pull you under, it’s the little things that do that.

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