I suffer from the same crippling self-doubt most writers do. I can, also, find myself falling into a complaining vortex. I have toyed with the idea of affirmations, of getting up early and looking at myself in the mirror, and saying, “Erich, you are a writer with a story to share that people will want to read!” And, I’ll rewire my brain and quickly ascend the world of the literati. Anyway…I could never do it consistently. Soooo, I used the calendar app on my iPhone and created events throughout my day–reminders of how good life really is and how I am meant to write. I read the event when it pops up, I whisper it aloud to myself and I smile. 

Here’s to a better me! If you like the idea, of course feel free to do the same, but let me know how it goes or what types of affirmations you might use, as I could always use more. 🙂

Happy writing!

16 thoughts on “Affirmations 

  1. There great reminders throughout the day Erich! ‘ve been trying to make my first thought of the day ‘today is a great day’ I don’t always remember first thing, but it usually comes to me before I get out of bed…might switch it up with a writer’s intention. At night, I end the day with a list of things I’m greatful for.

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  3. That’s such an amazing idea. I have horrible fears too. I quit blogging because of it. I have written affirmative thoughts on my cupboard. So that I can just read them every time I feel the fear seeping in. What also helps for me are writing exercises. Having a prompt and just free writing is fun for me. Sometimes I even write about the fear of writing itself which helps me over come it.

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    • I’m glad you liked it! It’s cool how I can set reminder alerts, so a half hour before the affirmation and at the scheduled time of the affirmations my phone dings and my Fitbit watch buzzes. I still smile at each reminder. 🙂
      I haven’t let my fears stop me from blogging entirely yet, though I quit for some time, but I haven’t been able to really follow through on a book or submit my writing to contests. I’m working on it though. I need to get into prompts, just to keep the juices flowing. 🙂


  4. Thank you Erich for sharing this inspiring post. You are definitely contributing to a better World. I am so grateful that we have the chance to share not only words and thoughts but feelings as well. You definitely have inspiring feelings supporting the word you write and this is the motivational part which we can sense by reading… enjoy and keep up with the good work.

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    • Thank you, Sylvia! 🙂
      I am very glad you liked it and see that we can all contribute to a better world. Sometimes it’s not easy, as I often feel inspiration when I’m at a low point, but I do try to right the ship with positivity. 🙂


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