There’s a chill in my bones

That this springtime sun

Cannot reach

It’s a slowing of atoms

Approaching absolute zero

Of being 48 years old

Or whatever that means

The grass doesn’t shine

Like that from my youth

A fine layer of sediment

Has covered everything

Including myself

Something for the moss

To anchor to

Gravity is winning

As it always does

Will I rise from these ashes

Born anew

Or simply fertilize the thoughts

Of the next shift

The changing of guards

Over the hill sounds nice

Like the hard parts over

The struggle has ended

And momentum now carries me

But I must still take care

Each gravity assisted step

Could send me cartwheeling

When…how will I know that I’m enough

4 thoughts on “Old

  1. Very thought provoking in so many ways for one further along on the timeline. At first, I especially liked the line “or simply fertilize the thoughts of the next shift” until I realized hmmmm, that could be take two ways- sowing seeds of wisdom or a whole lotta poop. Isn’t life interesting? Be well Erich. And Happy Birthday ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Donna! I’d like to say I completely seen that duality in advance, but it came together in the writing, and I just tweaked it a bit to enhance that aspect. 🙂
      Thanks much and I just felt old for a bit before writing it, and not directly connected to it being my birthday. 😉


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