I miss


I miss the younger me

The weightless unencumbered me

The carefree and aimless me

I want to hide beneath the weeping willow

A nature-made fortress…of solitude 

Where, like Superman, I flew

Thin branches wound around my bone-thin forearms 

Leaping against the pull of gravity

A mind that didn’t carry sorrow 

Or guilt 

Or servitude to the almighty dollar 

A helium balloon in the clouds

Tethered to unslumped shoulders

How I soared 

I bent spoons with my mind

Slayed dragons with vorpal sticks

I worshipped the mother in this church 

Light shining through stained glass leaves 

Many moons later

Barely able to lift head from pillow

I’ve sidestepped into a different reality 

Where I no longer felt like I fit and I made sense

This alternate timeline

After 12 hours of contractions

I find myself sentenced

Now I’m a contraction at the end of a sentence 

It is what it’s 

10 thoughts on “I miss

    • Yeah. I see it in my 4yo son, but I can’t fully commit to sidestepping into that pre-reality, not entirely, as I must temper everything with the responsibility of a caring and cautious father. He gets me closer than I’ve been in a long time, though. He has no idea how grateful I am. 🙂

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      • I don’t know. I think we all bought into the idea of becoming high functioning, consumers, that must be a cog in the economic machine…that productivity is essential. The casting away of our childish things. Indoctrination. Institutionalization. The next iPhone. The OLED big screen. All to fill the hole that was left when our wonderment was traded in for salesmanship. The greatest trick the devil ever pulled wasn’t making us believe that he didn’t exist, it was making us believe that the things we buy are worth the loss in time/our youths.

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