Wistful Poison

Wistful Poison by Oldepunk. “I’d rather fallout shelter this cold ambition” Another soul-churning-masterpiece by Oldepunk!

RamJet Poetry

wistful poison

I obfuscate my temptation

by metaphor

poisoning the flowers

I love, and feed the weeds

choking at the root of the square

of the problems with memento mori

I don’t feel like sunshine today

so pull the curtain and fade

to black ensemble choirs’ aria

a trembling hand to hold

onto means nothings were tainted

with absinthe and woe

charlatan payday, and hey

you would to if anyone were

that dumb

deaf to the notion I bespoke

upon the trodden

it’s a chemical reaction

that playing out in this

hospice bed and they won’t let you

die, it hurts the profit margin

I color outside the lines

standing in the rain for another

life I didn’t want to have

more time with myself, I’d

rather fallout shelter

this cold ambition and seeking

solace I located solitude

at your mom’s old beach house

she really wanted to know

what the fuck…

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