The singularity wasn’t the moment man melded with technology and became connected to the consciousness of every other human being set up with an implanted nic (network interface controller) card. No. Nor was it a case of the 100th monkey phenomenon, as many had suggested or hoped. The singularity was much more insidious and it didn’t happen at once, but built to a deafening crescendo. The edge of the rain cloud moves in and a single drop hits the driveway. This single drop was Laurence Manning’s, “The Men Who Awoke.” The storyline very familiar to us now. People connected to machines that have their external senses replaced with electrical impulses. Yes…I know. Then this concept started popping up more and more in various science fiction pieces. The rain had arrived. Many attribute the Wachowski’s, “The Matrix,” as being the defining moment, while others look to the invention of the technology that makes the concept a nearing reality. Every one of them drew stone-cold silent March, 15th, 2019. That particular Friday, thousands upon thousands of aspiring authors across the world, having made appointments with literary agents, sat eagerly in waiting rooms. Their manuscripts on their laps, fingers drumming nervously. The administrative assistant signaling for them to enter an office where their dreams were meant to come true. Thousands upon thousands of literary agents, having read the 1st drafts of the writer’s books, beamed with the thought of the money the book would make. It went even so far that competing publishing houses rushed the first edition to press, only to find that the same book, letter for letter, had been released. The first instinct was to cry foul and sue the “authors” as conspirators, trying to bilk the publishers out of money by simultaneously submitting the same manuscript. However, after investigating, it was found that earlier drafts showed variances in process, but as the manuscript neared submission, they all just suddenly converged…right down to punctuation choices. The phenomenon hit the internet first, then network news. The world seemed motionless as the story blossomed. Many people claiming they had the same idea for a book, but never pursued it. Religious groups came up with their own take on it, while philosophers and psychologists tried plying their own craft on the situation. However, it was a group of aspiring sci-fi authors, who met at a local YMCA, Tuesdays and Thursdays, that came up with the hypothesis that picked up support, after being published on a reddit thread. It was simple. We are all existing, at this very moment, in a virtual reality system, and the rainstorm, which was now deafening, was the collective rejecting of the input. The question then became, who was behind the control panel and how will they respond to the rejection? No one could answer the first question, but quickly everyone agreed on the response. Reboot. Instead of the Big Bang we had come to think of it as the Big Reboot. Needless to say there were factions forming immediately. Anarchy spread in some areas, while military-like compounds offered safety for others. Transcendental meditation became the leading form of spirituality. The hippie communes they formed were quickly consumed by the militants for their resources. 

Anyway, I’m writing this in hopes we’re all wrong and someone in the future can learn from it. If everyone is right, then I’m just wasting my time, as the reboot will erase all record o———————————

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