pedantic by oldepunk at ramjetpoetry. Oldepunk swinging for the fences!

RamJet Poetry



the musing and meandering

of formless thoughts

etching themselves in the night

a tomcat chasing his tail

in the barnyard

pat-pat-pat, sounds of falling rain

dripping into a puddle outside the window

of love and loss and candy

drunk on obsessions of the never-had

wooden crosses turned ironwood rose

sheepish in their noble quality

a kinship with the forsaken toys

of Christmas past

the artifacts of adolescence

adults no longer care for

crescendo pounding into the forebrain

annotating the unthinkable

transgression against the unknowable

desperate for a companion’s voice

meditating on the throbbing silence of exile

it is a start but not the opening

a lost chapter of the story

what are the ways to find

a making of tribulation?

Sow, and reap child

sow and reap.

but, first must come the planting

off the path

following the heart’s demands

to grow

image courtesy of Pinterest

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