A match


Drunk from lack of sleep

Thoughts are rats scurrying in the walls

Of a long ago abandoned building

My head snaps to the muffled sound

Of wiring insulation being gnawed at

An almost coherent thought

Waiting for the spark of epiphany

That follows the arc flash of insanity

Despite my bare feet standing in a puddle

Of my own urine

I know myself to be well grounded

I try to concentrate on the task at hand

But emotions are a cloud of gnats

That just won’t clear away

No matter how much I flail my arms

They crawl into the corners of my eyes

Into my nose, ears and mouth

I’m overwhelmed

I breathe in and out

I need to get to the now

I sit in lotus

What was urine is now gasoline

I’m a Buddhist monk

At a crossroads

Dropping a match

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