I’m enthusiastically solipsistic

I’m quick to say, “Sorry, I missed it.”

I’m an introverted panenhenic mystic

I’m twisted, conflicted, unscripted

I’m an uncommitted, sick kid, as predicted

I’ve been called a dipshit

Cuz I don’t buy the hip shit

My mind just flips shit

Into a guilt trip

For not exercising self-censorship

My brain has a hair trigger, pistol grip

100 road trips with only 1 roach clip

I care too much about the fellowship

Of man

But goddamn

Let’s devise a plan

To save our land, air and water

I know we can, if we care about sons and


I’m a panster not a plotter

Life’s my alma mater

I matriculated from The Illustrated Man

As anticipated it integrated a sense of

Who I am

It originated my articulated defense of

Where I stand

A denigrated, insulated, and incensed

Peter Pan

Second star to the right and straight on till

Morning to get to Neverland

I don’t do drugs cuz I’m already a downer

I look where I live and feel like an


I’m about to get up

Time to wrap this shit up

Here…pass around this tip cup

I know I’m one sick pup

I never wanted to grow up

I’m just happy to show up


13 thoughts on “I’m

    • Thanks, Diana! I was trying to show the 15 year old that I got mad skillz at dropping fire bars! 😂
      He’s really good at memorizing the rap songs that are out there, but I keep trying to get him to write his own. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, Christine! I was surprised at how much I got into and enjoyed writing it! 🙂
      I’ve missed everyone here, as well. Sometimes I let me or life get the better of me and the cold makes the extremities shut down, so the core stays warm. A sort of emotional hypothermia. I’m warm now ❤️


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