The waltz


This skin

These four walls

The limits of my understanding

The depths of my suffering

What’s remembered

What has been forgotten

Heart on my sleeve

Or cards close to chest

My deepest fears

My truest aspirations

What I wish for you

Out of love

Out of absence

The curse of feeling

Feeling the pain of past transgressions

Feeling the weight carried by you


Gravity will always win

Pride is the only sin

There is a limit

Only so much matter

So hold tight

And let go

Today you are lead

Tomorrow you are gold

Even your thoughts

Ride on the backs of the animals you ate

It’s a dance

You are always one step behind

I will only truly understand the round dance

After I’ve entered the box step

We are electrons dancing in the clouds

Don’t save the last dance for me

Save every dance

For this brief moment

We are gods

In this skin

These four walls…

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