Two by Two- Daffni Gingerich

Daffni Gingerich’s “Two by Two” at Sudden Denouement is a wonderfully insightful look at the writer/artist/lover’s journey.

Sudden Denouement Collective

I remember the day I closed my eyes and there he was, coaxing me out of my shell. He had already created a place for me. I guess it all could’ve been a trap but either way it pulled me in in a way I would be set free from my past and locked into infinity. And every day is a reminder that I’m ok. I scream and claw and remove the skin from beneath my nails. But life can’t stop there. It won’t, and when the show goes on, I’m more learned and possess a trust in myself that helps me endure. When I inhale, evil spirits come along with the good ones and I sift through them like a collection of pearls before I cast them back into my writing. Except when I’m drunk, that’s when I grab the first and act on it passionately with little thought. Every…

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