Beside You in Time

A beautiful take on the multiverse, love and belonging. S. K. Nicholas!

S. K. Nicholas



Drunk and stumbling down some street I’ve walked before yet can’t name or place, I’m certain that time exists on all levels. The past, present, and future. It’s all out there. All those versions of me, and all those versions of you. They’re still alive. They can be touched. They can be seen, and above all, you can hear their songs that stretch across the universe. I’m told not to be so foolish. That such magic isn’t real, but after all these years I’ve never stopped believing. After so many failures and dead ends, I never gave up, even when there seemed to be no reason to keep going. But my faith doesn’t lie. It burns as bright as it did back when I was a kid. It’s been with me through the thick and thin. It knows no desertion. It seeks no way out. What it does seek…

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