Happy New Year


I shed my scaly skin

Cheese grater scrubbing

The crust must go

Air must reach the fresh

Pink skin beneath

A freshly plucked fowl

My need to howl out in pain

Is attenuated by your indifference

This patina of malaise

An antibiotic resistant bacteria

Caught from stagnant, aimless days

Dallying in the doldrums

A broad spectrum tincture

The deepest, loneliest blues

To the brightest, livid reds

Mustn’t bring your old broom

To your new house

Now lemon juice and salt

Need to shine

Like a bright, new penny

I’m a new car…not brand new, just new to me

My reflexive modulation of inflection

Is inflicted by reflecting on my reflection

Goodbye to the old fear

Mourn loss with a single tear

Now is the time to be freer

Ring in the new year

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