Winter break


Burning cheeks

And Smokey breath

Little clumps

Stuck to mittens

Bread bags between

Socks and shoes

The air burning

Our noses

Tunnels dug

Into snow banks

Toboggan rides

Down park hills

Neighborhood friends

Charging the hillside

To take my crown



Grandma reminding me

To put on a toque

Walking along

We would pretend

Our heads are

The Millennium Falcon

The fat snowflakes

An asteroid belt


We lay on our backs

Making snow angels

Watching the flakes

Fall from perpetually

White skies

Entire lifetimes lived

During a school break




4 thoughts on “Winter break

  1. SO wonderful Erich! Your lines enrich me with the innocent play of childhood, without a care in the world. Although my memories are more of sandcastles and ocean waves, you place me in your mindscape and I’m enthralled.

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