I am a weathervane

Turned about by the wind

I’m that friend

You have to drag out of the house

I’m not the cause or a catalyst

I am acted upon

I’m easygoing, laidback, go-with-the-flow


I’m an observer

A cataloguer

A video camera moving through space

I’m that friend that ends arguments

Remembering what was said weeks ago

I listen for verbal ticks and catchphrases

I watch for idiosyncratic body gestures

I listen for what you’re not saying

I read and live between the lines

Where you sublimate your hurt

I make tally marks for each micro aggression


I build worlds on the blank page

Where characters wear your traits

Like flair at Chotchkie’s

Saying the word ‘Turnaround’

In every other sentence

Chewing the skin off the sides of their nails

Shrugging only one shoulder

Never talking about their childhood

Saying yesherday instead of yesterday

Hiding the nicotine stains on their fingers

And picking the scabs

From yesterday’s

Self-inflicted cigarette burns

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