Your very perception of yourself can be fallible. To see faults where none exist. To magnify the smallest of imperfections to caricature extremes. Body dysmorphia becomes your own personal hell. Powerful insecurities astigmatize the minds eye. The same can be said about the content of ones character. The villain is the hero in their own book. The asshole feels justified. The you, that you share with the world, is rarely the real you. Your public you is based on the faulty perception of what society deems acceptable. Who is society? A bunch of other insecure, distorted reality viewing, pretenders. All of us falling prey to the shiny objects that are meant to fill the void. The latest cellphone, the MK purse, the new car. We work longer hours, missing the ones we love, so we can buy these diversions. Keep your eye on the prize. In this way you won’t notice your deteriorating spiritual connection to Mother Earth and your fellow man. Love. Compassion. Empathy. Not just for everyone else or the natural world, but for yourself. For me there is one undeniable fact…we are ALL ONE. NOT…we are ALL ALONE. We are all one.

7 thoughts on “Soapbox

  1. I can definitely relate to this. We hide behind our screens as if there is a real reason to. We are all one race, human. We should be able to come together to lift each other up instead of tearing each other down. We write to express ourselves but we also write to help others feel something too. Your words are well written and I felt them.

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    • Thank you! My blog and LinkedIn are the only social media apps I have on my phone, having quit the rest a couple days ago. It’s liberating, really. And I agree…we write to share the human condition, to see we are not alone. I really appreciate the compliment! 🙂


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