Park bench


I sat on your bench

I tried

To feel your resonance 

I didn’t know you

I saw you on my walks

Apparently no town 

Is too small

For homelessness 

You’d disappear 

During the day

Leaving behind your


A ratty backpack and

Your tattered sleeping bag

Returning in the dark

To lay your head down

To sleep

The article said 

Your heart gave up
The fight

Enjoy your rest

As I lie in bed

Hating myself 

For never even



10 thoughts on “Park bench

      • Yes, it’s very sad. Maybe society tried in some ways. I used to volunteer to help families of the mentally ill. Some kids didn’t want their parents’ help, which made everything difficult. Another terrible face of mental illnesses. And many homeless are mentally ill based on what I have learned. If we can correct stigmas, we can help more people like this man. You are his voice.

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      • Thank you for volunteering and making a difference. šŸ™‚
        When government run mental hospitals were closed down, most became homeless. Those needing the most help, compassion and understanding were tossed aside like refuse. Sometimes I have a hard time understanding this world. You and those that help give me hope. Thank you for that!

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