Crazy old man

Greasy spoon

Corner booth…alone

Speaking in tongues 

He knows Magic is real

He’s seen the beneath

*          *          *

She’s sitting passenger side

Sun has dipped beneath the tree line

She closes her eyes to the strobe


The flickering activates optic nerves

*          *          *

He’s said this passage a thousand times before

This time he stresses new syllables 

Empty corner booth no one but waitress notices

He tipped everything he had

*          *          *

Latent memories from eons ago

Press at the back of her closed eyes

She weeps, knowing her path as clear as day

Her mistakes, her victories all led her here

*          *          *

He is twenty-two again and ground falls away

His true love sits next to him, holding his hand

The Ferris wheel stops with them on top

The world stretches out before him

He can feel in his marrow it’s a different world

Close…but different and he doesn’t even care

*          *          *

She opens her eyes

Leaning over she kisses her boyfriend’s cheek 

Her left hand releases the seatbelt 

Her right reaches for the door handle

She’s airborne for a moment then…


*          *          *

He kisses her hard and deep

The air rushing around them

They make their descent

He feels weightless

*          *          *

A neon light flickers overhead 


She’s sitting in a classroom

Graduate level organic chemistry 

She’s top of the class 

*          *          *



Matter reacts differently when observed

Reality is subjective 

In another world we are in love

In another world…a zero transposes to a one

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