You think you’re beautiful now

But you were beautiful then

You felt insignificant

A single grain of sand on a beach

I leaned in and tried to count your facets

Step out of the shade and into the light

Squinting I counted them one by one

I gave you my strength which you took

You propped yourself up for another

You imagine he’s made you beautiful

You consider yourself grown because of him

You think yourself the perfect partner

You were always beautiful and perfect

Your growth is a smoothing out of your edges

You’ve covered yourself in paint and pillows

Adept at avoiding the eggshells 

He enveloped you, hiding you away

Control is not caring

Love shouldn’t be a labor

When you no longer satisfied his ego

He spit you out and moved on

Take off the pillows, wash off the paint

Bathe in a tub of vinegar

From pearl back to a grain of sand

Take my strength even if for another

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