Am I insane?!?

I am spending $200 on a 1915 No. 5 Underwood typewriter. That’s it. That’s the punchline.

Why?  To write the next great American novel on, of course!  Why go to this length? Two reasons: 1. I’m pretty sure there’s no internet on it, so no more wormholes of distraction. 2. I’m really hoping it’s haunted by a world class writer’s ghost that will posses me and help me write the novel.

By the way…it’s in perfect working condition and I can order ribbon from Amazon.  Crazy? Like a fox!

No, really…do I need help?

10 thoughts on “Am I insane?!?

  1. Do you know why the keys are placed in the order they are and not alphabetically from the upper left to the lower right? I’ll answer that for you. They originally were, but the early typists mastered it so well the mechanical arms got tangled and jammed so often the arrangement was reconfigured to their current day configuration to slow the typing down…. So ‘masochist’ is really the response you are looking for. That said, go for it and I hope it serves as your muse. But your novel must start with, “In the beginning….” on a single line by itself. LOL.

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  2. It’s wonderful to see that you’ve been voraciously writing! I don’t know how, but it seems I unfollowed at some point. Well, now I’m back and happy to be here. Write on! And you’re not crazy. Unless I am, too, with my 1928 LC Smith & Corona. Maybe it’s the ‘ding’ when it signals to ‘return’…

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