Why do we blog?


Why do we blog?

Why do I blog?  I really like the community aspect of it, of getting comments and interacting with fellow writers.  I love to read your work, as well…and comment, to let you know I’m connecting with what you’ve written.  When I first started out I concentrated on follower count, but I’ve come to realize that it is the deeper connections with the individuals that means more than simply how many subscribers I have.

I blog to simply keep writing, as it is always easy to let life get in the way and let the writing slide.  Here I can write poetry, short stories, intros to possible longer pieces, and in any genre, and you will be there to give me feedback.  Feedback is the best!

I know that I should also start writing a book.  My father would always ask if I’m doing any writing for myself, outside of blogging, and I haven’t so far.  Coming to you with the posts I’ve written is my way of keeping my connection to writing, to say that I am still here and I am a writer.  Reading your work not only teaches me new styles of writing, as before I started blogging I would never had tried either poetry or memoir writing, and it also gives me strength to continue on.  We are all on the same path and when I read and connect with you it is me smiling at you as we walk along this path together.

Now…why do you blog?

10 thoughts on “Why do we blog?

  1. My previous attempts at blogging were sadly to try to get somewhere, to help others yes… but I always wanted something. After quitting 10 blogs/websites I came to the realization that it was time to talk responsibility for my life and finally change. So I started my final blog- for me. I write to help myself change into the version I see when I close my eyes.
    I’m not following a schedule, I’m not chasing subscribers- I am simply working on myself.
    Which oddly enough is actually attracting people- which is exciting because a community of like minded people would be amazing.

    That’s why I blog now.

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  2. I’ve never blogged to get followers and it does bother me when I see those who do. I blog because I always have, kind of, before blogs were called blogs and during the 14 year depression, writing and photography saved my life. Literally. Simple as that for me.

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  3. I’m an undiagnosed, high functioning bipolar II, well…self-diagnosed. It’s made me very sensitive to emotional situations and to the emotional state of others. I definitely use writing as catharsis, though I wouldn’t say it saved my life, but I would say it’s given me a life truly worth living.
    I was a photography enthusiast for a long time, even taking a couple semesters in college, but I miss darkroom work and haven’t been nearly into it as film was fazed out. I do miss it sometimes.


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