Foot in mouth

I was at a family member’s house and they had a friend over. This friend was holding my little cousin, who was crying inconsolably. I reached out to take her from the friend and said, “Ohhh…did she give you the evil eye?” It was at that moment I remembered, that the friend had a clearly visible cataract on one of her eyes. Foot in mouth.

Does anyone have examples where they said something similar?

12 thoughts on “Foot in mouth

  1. Ha! How embarrassing, but that probably was, in fact, what made the little kid cry. We’ve all made boo-boos in speech. I once was talking to another young mother about raising kids right, and during the course of conversation referred to “Tammy” who was divorced and on public assistance, but still managed to do a good job with her two girls. I had only been in the neighborhood a short time and didn’t really know who everyone was yet. The young mother piped up, “Um, I’m Tammy.” At least, I hadn’t said anything bad, thank heavens!

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  2. Well we were doing a Byron poem in English. We Always end up on the topic of sex. Anyway one of the lines was “The sword out wears it’s sheath.’. The word vagina means sword sheath ((Vile I know)), I won’t explain. No one would put their hand up ,I really don’t care talking about sex. So I put my hand up and said “Is he basically saying his penis is too big to fit into a vagina.’. Which lead to fits of giggles and me realising I shouldn’t have said it. I didn’t get into trouble , my English teacher found it amusing and probably proud that I was comfortable saying what I think. I still think my point is valid x

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    • Ha! That’s awesome! I was in a class filled with education majors getting in their English requirement and we were discussing Glenngarry Glenross. The professor had taught me previously in fiction writing and was disappointed in the participation, so he asked us to answer, in character, how the main characters viewed their new boss and I jumped right in–swearing like trucker! He thanked me later. It was fun. 😀

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